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Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson Are Caught Flirting

Sep 21, 2011 | 6:17am EDT

Guys, let's disembark the "Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are together!" quest and concentrate on people who actually express their love for each other in public places, instead of in a bunker that was filled with The Green Lantern and The Proposal artifacts by someone from Top Design. And look, the buds of a new relationship are already blossoming, so the transition will be extra easy! Everyone, let's officially direct our attention to the newest definitely getting married couple because they were seen together at a place where things are done, Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper!

Contact Music reports that last Friday, Cooper and Johansson were acting "more than flirty" with each other at the New York nightclub, Provocateur. An eyewitness claims the two of them arrived in a group, but then distanced themselves from their friends and turned their attention to each other, saying "Scarlett and Bradley arrived with a small group of friends, including model Cheyenne Tozzi around 2 AM. While Bradley was flirty with Cheyenne initially, after some drinks he turned his attention to Scarlett. The duo were hand in hand and more than flirty by the end of the night." And last Friday wasn't even the first time they hung out! They were also spotted the day before at 1OAK, which is yet another place for adults to go and do things.

The one thing that's weird about this eyewitness' testimony is that Cooper only started paying attention to Johansson after he'd already knocked a few back. That seems to indicate that normally, Cooper wouldn't even consider giving Johansson the time of day... but that after he's been drinking, he's more inclined to find out where, exactly, her match point is. One would think that since Cooper is so attractive that he wouldn't need alcohol to get the courage to talk to a pretty girl. But that seems to be what happened, so let's all cut the red ribbon and embark on speculating how much his drinking bothers her because they are trying to conceive!

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Source: Contact Music

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