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Naomi Watts Opens Up About Romance With Heath Ledger

Sep 23, 2011 | 11:44am EDT

It's been three years since Heath Ledger departed from our lives, but he will not soon be forgotten -- especially not by his former girlfriend, Naomi Watts. The J. Edgar actress dated Ledger from 2002 until 2004, and opened up in an interview with More magazine, saying that the late Australian star left a monumental mark on her life. She reveals to the magazine that, "We had a beautiful relationship, only a couple of years, but he was a man who was completely full of joy, and there was a lot of laughing and affection. He was really a very special soul." Watts also commented that she can sympathize with the Heath's daughter, Matilda, because she also lost her father at a young age. "Not knowing my father always made me feel like a piece of myself was missing or unknown. Not reachable. Growing up, there was this wondering what he would think of me or what I would think of him," she says. She also goes on to say that he had so much more to give to the world and mentions again how sad she feels for his daughter.

I absolutely love Ledger and I completely agree with everything that she's saying, but I feel like if I was his daughter I wouldn't appreciate all the publicized sympathy. I mean, Watts is an ex-girlfriend of her father's and being that she's only 6 years old, I doubt she wants any other woman associated with her dad besides her mother. I know I wouldn't, so I'm sure she'd rather not have the actress trying to relate to her. It's a sweet gesture, but an unnecessary one. And now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go watch 10 Things I Hate About You because that was the first film I ever saw him in and all this talk about the Australian heartthrob has made me miss him terribly.

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