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George Clooney Calls Ryan Gosling 'Cheap'

Sep 28, 2011 | 9:50am EDT

Everyone is anxiously waiting the highly anticipated film Ides of March, which stars two of Hollywood's hottest actors -- George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. So when reporters were able to catch up with the silver fox at the movie's premiere last night in Beverly Hills, they obviously jumped at the chance. And it turns out that Clooney had a few interesting things to say about his young co-star. When asked what he considered to be the highlight of directing and costarring in the film, Clooney graciously credited Gosling, stating, "[Actually the] highlight of the film [is] watching Ryan Gosling's work from beginning to end. He's a wonderful actor." But he also took a few friendly jabs about the Drive star, when he stated his reasons for choosing Ryan as his co-star. "He was the only guy I could get really," he said, playfully adding, "And he's cheap! He's got nothing to do. He was unemployed. He's just one of the best in the business, truly. And he's 30 years old -- 25 -- or 15? Whatever he is, he's just unbelievably talented." We can't help but agree!

Of course, Clooney didn't just praise the young actor. He let us in on a few Ryan Gosling secrets, revealing, "What you don't know is that [Ryan] is much shorter in real life. When you see him -- if you see him -- he's wearing huge heels... like Louboutins!" Oh George, you're such a kidder. I was really hoping to get some juicy secrets about the dreamy actor that I could put in my diary. I mean....news story. But either way, the film looks great and -- let's face it -- you couldn't ask for a better looking cast.

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