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Fred Armisen and Abby Elliott Break Up

Sep 28, 2011 | 11:22am EDT

fred armisen abby elliottMost of us are overjoyed that SNL has started filming again, but there are definitely two people who aren't as excited about it... and they are Fred Armisen and Abby Elliott, who now are not only co-stars, but also exes. People magazine is reporting that Armisen and Elliott's relationship (which began in August of last year, shortly after Armisen divorced Mad Men star, Elisabeth Ross) ended because of complications related the fact that they were long distance. A source told People, "He was away all summer filming in Portland. They spent a lot of time apart and they started to grow apart. They're still good friends. This wasn't a bad breakup or anything." Interestingly enough, Armisen and Elliott are in the both back in New York to shoot the 37th season of the show, and might even have to appear in the same sketch together. And use the same makeup pallet, borrow each other's clothes for cross-dressing, and harmonize in one of Kristen Wiig's small hands sketch, and vote for each other's ideas in the writer's room. And so if the distance was really the issue in the first place, I'm failing to see how the new season is going to do much to fix the problem.

Source: People

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