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Adele Releases 'Someone Like You' Music Video

Sep 30, 2011 | 8:45am EDT

When it comes to Adele's voice, you can actually feel the power of the lyrics. Many pop stars rely on auto-tones, elaborate choreography, and special effects to help make their music videos and live performances memorable. Adele is different -- she needs none of those visual aesthetics because her soulful voice is unforgettable all by itself. Not only that, her songs contain deep, powerful emotions that we all relate to. For example, her latest single, Someone Like You, offers a look at the bitter realities of love and heartbreak. The song describes a time when you go to visit a past love, hoping to rekindle what you once had, only to find out that they've moved on and are much happier without you. Ouch.

It may be somewhat depressing of an idea (okay it's really depressing), but it's so real because everyone has felt this way at one point or another. And because the song is so easily relatable and downright touching, it's really no surprise that it was chosen as the next single from her album 21. Shot in Paris, the video is in black and white with Adele wandering around the deserted streets of the city. By doing this, it almost makes it seem like she's a ghost, haunting the lonely streets of Paris (which fittingly is the city of love). She appears completely invisible to everyone -- especially the man she most desperately wants to notice her again. I think it was a brilliant way to have the video reflect the very tone of the song. It's dark, it's daunting, it's what happens when you're heartbroken.

Check out Someone Like You's music video below:

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Source: MTV

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