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Drew Barrymore Wants To Marry and Have Kids With Will Kopleman

Oct 06, 2011 | 7:17am EDT

It looks like Drew Barrymore may have caught the wedding fever virus making its way through Hollywood. US Weekly is exclusively reporting that the actress is ready to marry her current beau, Will Kopleman, and is hoping he'll decide to put a ring on it -- soon! She also wants to start making babies as well. An insider revealed Drew "is yearning to get married and have kids." The source also claims Kopleman is thinking about getting a ring for his A-list girlfriend and could pop the question "around the one-year mark of their dating" this winter. (This source sure is trying to ruin any element of surprise with this whole thing.) But since Barrymore seems to have babies on the brain, the insider comments, "I could see her getting pregnant before they get married!"

I'm personally not sure what the big rush is. But they have been dating for almost a year, which in Hollywood is the equivalent of three years, so perhaps it is time these two made it official. Although, it looks the like the would-be groom just needs a little more time before making the big leap into matrimony. "He's madly in love and knows she's The One, but he just needs a bit more time," the source adds. Tick tock, Will. Your expectant bride-to-be is ready and waiting.

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Source: US

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