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The Daily Shuffle: Michael Lohan Arrested For The Second Time This Week

Oct 27, 2011 | 4:39am EDT

kate major, michael lohanEarly Tuesday morning, Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan, was arrested in Florida on suspicion of domestic violence when his girlfriend, Kate Major, told police that after she refused to perform oral sex on him, he grabbed her and threw her down to the ground a few times. Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis told reporters Major had "some redness on her arms and some minor bruising." After Lohan was taken into custody, he complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital and when he thought police left, he tried to check himself out -- but he was taken back to jail. And today, we learn that Lohan was arrested again -- this time, for violating the terms of his release by calling Major. Police told Radar Online that when they tried to go to Lohan's motel to arrest him, he jumped out of a third story window and ran from police, only to figure out that he broke his foot. And here we are, day in and day out, confused about Lindsay Lohan. - Radar Online, LA Times

Steven Tyler maintains he wasn't drunk when he fell in the shower on Tuesday. Instead, he claims he was battling food poisoning and felt nauseous and just passed out. He acknowledges how some people will believe he relapsed on drugs and alcohol, but admits that it was nothing more complicated than some soap coming into contact with some water, I guess. - People

British coroner Suzanne Greenaway announced Amy Winehouse's death was the "unintended consequence" of drinking too much alcohol yesterday. She concluded that it was "death by misadventure," and revealed that Winehouse's BAC was more than five times the legal limit. Greenaway determined the cause of death to be "alcohol toxicity." - People

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