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Listen to Rebecca Black's Latest Single, 'POI'

Nov 15, 2011 | 9:41am EST

Rebecca Black refuses to leave our lives and our radio stations alone since she's once again released another single called POI, which is sure to be crowding up iTunes before we know it. I'm not a huge fan of Black's work and don't even get me started on her music videos, but you can't deny the girl is hard to forget. We may talk about her ridiculous lyrics (I'm well aware what days come before and after Friday, thanks) or make fun of her digitally enhanced voice, but that doesn't stop her songs from making their way into our memories.

In case you weren't aware, POI stands for Person of Interest. Some of the lyrics to the song include, "There's a crime scene on the dance floor. There's a chalkline on the dance floor / in the shape of my heart." And while you may be rolling your eyes at the laughable content, the lyrics and melody are undeniably catchy. Granted, Black is still a ways away from being considered a serious artist, but I guarantee this song will get stuck in your head at one point or another. Let's face it, her work isn't going to give you goosebumps the way Adele's songs do, but Black still manages worm her way into our iPods and news stories. Listen to the full song below and see what you think:

Source: NY Mag

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