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Beyoncé's Video For 'I Was Here' Has The First Look At Her Wedding Dress

Nov 17, 2011 | 7:35am EST

It's impossible to determine which of Beyoncé's music videos is the best because they're all so unique and so carefully constructed to feature her numerous and multidimensional talents (for more information, watch "Run The World (Girls)" and "Love On Top"). But quite possibly her strongest video to date is the one for "I Was Here," which she released yesterday and combines a live concert at The Roseland Ballroom with private footage of her from over the years. It's hard to explain why it's so captivating, but it's one of those videos that really reminds you how incredible life is, and is sure to make you rush over to Best Buy to pick up a camcorder and draft up a contract with your best friend that says he/she has to document every subsequent moment of your life because you're so disgustingly behind in putting together your own video montage. So in that way, "I Was Here" kind of makes you feel like you really haven't been here lately.

But undoubtedly the biggest treat of this video is that around the 3:36 mark we get a glimpse at the wedding dress Beyoncé wore when she married Jay-Z. It's a pretty plain-looking dress, and personally I prefer the one she wore in "Best Thing I Never Had." But I don't think we can complain about anything that's seen juxtaposed with some footage of someone holding something like 8 Grammys in her arms.

Source: The Insider

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