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Watch Jonah Hill Play the Worst Role Model Ever in This 'The Sitter' Clip Collection

Dec 07, 2011 | 8:21am EST

Jonah JillThis Friday, Jonah Hill will exceed all levels of foulness and manchildhood that any of his characters have embodied in the past in The Sitter, a fast-paced comedy directed by David Gordon Green about a twentysomething jerk who gets himself and the three nightmare children he's babysitting involved in a series of dangerous, inappropriate scenarios. The below series of clips for The Sitter invites us into the action and comedy of the sitter, proving there are very few lines the film isn't willing to cross.

The first clip shows Noah (Hill's character) reluctant to take on the babysitting jump, but enticed by the physical allure of the mother of the three kids in question.

Noah has his first face-off with one of the children: young Blithe (Landry Bender) is just as displeased with her new babysitter and he is with her, and imparts her wrath unto him.

When the stakes begin to rise, Noah is forced to escort Blithe to a clothing store for a change of wardrobe...unfortunately, his hostility toward the little girl begins to cause a scene.

Blithe isn't the only of the kids who gives Noah trouble. Her adopted brother Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) takes it upon himself to sneak out of Noah's car and have a particularly destructive type of fun in a fancy restaurant.

The last clip proves that the team can work together. Noah, joined now by his would-be girlfriend Marissa (Ari Graynor), gets into some trouble with a couple of thugs (J.B. Smoove and Sam Rockwell) who are after both money and some skewed variation of friendship. Fortunately for Noah, Slater (Max Records), Rodrigo and Blithe come to his rescue with their brand of help.

The Sitter comes out this Friday, Dec. 9.

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