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Meryl Streep is a More Powerful Margaret Thatcher in New 'The Iron Lady' Trailer

Dec 07, 2011 | 9:59am EST

I've got to be honest. The last trailer for The Iron Lady was a little underwhelming. We've seen it all before: a controversial world leader, played by an actor synonymous with "distinguished," dealing with personal and political trials while on a journey to make a change in the world. I guess this new trailer is really more of the same...but somehow, it just makes The Iron Lady seem better that I previously thought.

Meryl Streep's performance seems stronger, and the relationship between Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis Thatcher (played in the film by Jim Broadbent) seems thicker, rockier and more compelling. Of course, the real story is the opposition Thatcher gets due to her policies, actions and gender from other nations, British citizens, and her own colleagues. None of it is "surprising." Anyone even marginally familiar with Margaret Thatcher will know right away what to expect from the film, more or less. But the delivery seems triumphant, and grand: qualities more than applicable to the subject in question.

We recommend you check out the new trailer for The Iron lady, directed by Phyllidia Lloyd. It probably won't shock you...but stir you it just might.

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