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Are Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington Safe in 'Safe House' Poster?

Jan 03, 2012 | 10:49am EST

No one is safe. Not here, not anywhere. Safety is a thing of the past. You want safety? Go here. You want to live? See this movie: Safe House.

Denzel Washington plays a renegade CIA Agent who is restricted by law to a South African safe house, under the watch of a newcomer to the agency played by Ryan Reynolds. The classic duo of sprightly, wide-eyed newbie and been-around-the-block loose cannon vet comes into action when the house suffers mercenary attacks.

Below is a poster, merging the jaded glare of a well-worn Washington with the chiseled gumption of young Reynolds. Their alliance is borne from necessity. Can they trust one another? Can their disparate styles work in twine to fend off the enemies' advances? Can they return their house to the safety it deserves?

Safe House, directed by Daniel Espinosa, reaches theaters on Feb. 10.



Source: Collider

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