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Awards 2012: 64th Annual Director's Guild of America Award Nominees Announced

Jan 09, 2012 | 9:00am EST

HugoThe 64th Annual Director's Guild of America Awards Dinner will take place on Jan. 28, and the nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for the year of 2011 have been announced. There are a couple of names you won't be surprised to hear, and at least one newcomer to America's circle of celebrated directors:

WOODY ALLEN for Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen is nothing if not a renowned name in terms of filmmaking, but his recent years have caused people to wonder if the director has lost his spark. However, Midnight in Paris is an affirmation that Allen is still just as talented as he's ever been.

DAVID FINCHER for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The dark, introspective director has a versatile resume that includes favorites like Fight Club and The Social Network. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a particularly interesting endeavor for him, and is a promising suggestion of what sort of stylistic and creative choices he might make in the future.


It takes a lot of courage to make a silent black-and-white film in the era of vibrant explosions and chase scenes. Michel Hazanaivicius more than pulls it off in the delightful The Artist, which reintroduces America to its love of classic cinema.

ALEXANDER PAYNE for The Descendants

Alexander Payne can be called a subdued filmmaker. His movies are quiet and subtle, but always gripping and poignant. The Descendants is no exception. The George Clooney/Shailene Woodley comedic drama explores the very human experience of dealing with different kinds of grief.



is a celebration of all things cinematic. Martin Scorsese breaks from his normal routine to deliver a charming, magical tale of a young boy's quest for a family, an aging man's dying dream, and the preservation of one of the greatest art forms in human history.

The 64th Annual DGA Awards will take place on Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Grand Ballroom of Hollywood and Highland.

Source: DGA

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