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Jonah Hill: '21 Jump Street' Sequel Confirmed

Feb 29, 2012 | 7:09am EST

21 Jump StreetIt's quite appropriate that this news should come on Leap Day: Jonah Hill has confirmed that a sequel to his and Channing Tatum's new comedy, 21 Jump Street, is already in the works, two weeks prior to the film's release. Get the connection? It's called 21 Jump Street. And the studio is taking a real leap with this project. Comedy gold.

"We are writing the sequel now. We got [the greenlight] by the studio to start writing the sequel," Hill told E!.

While some might say that greenlighting a 21 Jump Street sequel prior to the movie's national release might be a risky maneuver, there is nothing but optimism attached to the upcoming film. Early screenings of Jump Street SXSW were met with a ton of praise. Hill himself has gone on record to proclaim Jump Street on par with Superbad as among the two funniest movies he has ever done. 

Additionally, other cast and crew members have expressed having had a great deal of fun making 21 Jump Street, including costar Brie Larson, who admitted to
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