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'The Three Stooges' Sneak Peek: Maximum Slapstick Achieved — VIDEO

Apr 13, 2012 | 4:36am EDT

Corey MatthewsThe Three Stooges comes to theaters Friday the 13th — an appropriate date for the amount of bodily harm the movie is expected to dole out to its characters. The film stars Chris Diamantopoulos as impatient Moe, Sean Hayes as snarky Larry, and Will Sasso as bumbling Curly. A present day reincarnation of the superheroes of slapstick comedy is a risky endeavor, but from the looks of these clips, the movie stays very true to the spirit and style of the Stooges.

Check out the clips below, and catch The Three Stooges in theaters Friday, April 13.

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage, the babies exhibit their first act of Stoogery unto the poor nun Sister Mary-Mengele (Larry David in a habit).

The Stooges grow up at the orphanage, as run by Mother Superior (Jane Lynch), earning their keep as handymen. Take that in the loosest possible definition.

The Stooges are very protective of their nun family. They'll fight off anybody who even seems to be trouble... even priests.

Eventually, the Stooges learn that their home is in trouble. So, they take to raising money any way they can...

Sooner or later, the Stooges have to prepare to head out into the real world. Of course, the real world isn't quite prepared for them.

High-society living is one place that never expected to find itself a victim of the Stooges. And from the looks of things, socialite Lydia (Sofia Vergara) is none too pleased to have their antics at her party.


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