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Channing Tatum Stripping in 'Magic Mike': Sexy or Hilarious? — PICS

Apr 13, 2012 | 10:23am EDT

For those of you who aren't sold by the idea of a clothes-less Channing Tatum (even though that should really appeal to everyone — the man is just plain beautiful), it comes straight from the horse's mouth that Steven Soderbergh's upcoming stripper comedy Magic Mike is "hysterical." One of the film's cast members, Joe Manganiello (True Blood), has expressed just how funny he thinks the upcoming movie is, citing specifically the humor in "dry humping 200 female extras." Well, now you can see what he's talking about.

Pictured below is star Tatum as the titular Magic Mike, mid-performance on a stage that combines the elements of spotlit glamour and the back alleys of Skid Row. Beneath this pic, you can see Tatum alongside costar Matthew McConaughey, who plays ex-stripper and current nightclub owner named (appropriately) Dallas. If he says something about getting older while his male exotic dancer employees stay the same age, this movie deserves an Oscar.




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