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‘Simpsons’ Back on the Big Screen: ‘Ice Age 4’ Debuts 3D Short

May 21, 2012 | 10:35am EDT


MaggieThe Simpsons are going to the movies! Again. Well, one of them is. Here's a hint: she has shot a multi-billionaire, several Mafiosos and Albert Brooks.

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D is coming to theaters July 13. Along with it, fans will be treated to the 3D animated short "The Longest Daycare," featuring young Maggie Simpson in what appears to be a prison movie spoof of some kind. This will mark the Springfield family's first foray to the big screen since their feature film in 2007.

The news is somewhat surprising, considering the 2011 chatter about the show potentially coming to an end. Although The Simpsons is locked in for two more seasons, the fate of the long-running Fox comedy is shakier than it has ever been. Could Maggie's partnership with Manny, Sid and Diego represent a resurgence in Simpsonian popularity?

Check out the clip below to get excited over "The Longest Daycare."


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