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Trailer For Kristen Stewart's Mom's Film 'K-11': Let's Not Go To Prison

May 28, 2012 | 8:07am EDT

Bound to stir up some controversy, the first trailer for Kristen Stewart's mother Jules Stewart's prison drama K-11 will leave you with one lingering thought: gay, straight, jail quite simply seems like a really terrible place to wind up. It certainly looks that way for Goran Visnjic's character who mistakenly winds up in a Los Angeles prison that houses gay and transgender inmates. Known as K-11, this particular prison is run on the inside by a transsexual known as Mousey (played by Kate del Castillo.) The film also stars Jason MewesD.B. Sweeney, and K-Stew's brother Cameron B. Stewart, making his big screen debut. 

Not for the eyes of the Twilight set (though MovieLine reports that Bella Swan herself does some voice work in the film,) Stewart's bleak, unsettling, shocking vision of transexuals/transgenders and prison life (rape and violence are graphically portrayed in the preview) screened at Cannes earlier this week. Since it's Memorial Day and you're probably home from work thanking your lucky stars you're not in prison, it seems almost pointless to inform you that this trailer for K-11 is incredibly NSFW. But seriously it is and don't watch this trailer near your boss/friends/children/loved ones. 


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