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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'Premium Rush' New Trailer -- TRAILER

May 31, 2012 | 7:06pm EDT

Adorably squinty actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a new trailer out for his bike messenger movie, Premium Rush. The film is essentially about a no-good cop (played by Michael Shannon) who's on the hunt for a New York City bike messenger (Gordon-Levitt) tasked with carrying a mysterious package across the city. The film still has no release date, (though it is being touted as part of summer movie guides everywhere), but is anyone really lining up to see a movie about bike messengers? I mean, I lived in New York City for 4 years (in the very neighborhood a lot this film was shot, natch), and most of the time they're just crazy dudes that ride around as if they own all the roads and sidewalks and 92 percent of the time, cause you near-heart-attack-inducing swearing episodes on your walk, well, anywhere because they always seem to nearly run into you every single time. Then again: When has JGL ever disappointed us? Alright, fine. Count me in.

What do you think about this new trailer? Are you interested in checking out what Premium Rush is all about?

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