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Christopher Nolan: No More Batman After 'Dark Knight Rises'

Jun 09, 2012 | 12:45pm EDT


ALTChristopher Nolan has said that The Dark Knight Rises — the third movie in the Batman trilogy — will be his last. But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the famed director wants fans to know that this movie will be just as good as the others. "I said to my brother, I don't want to save anything." His brother is film producer Jonathan Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay for The Dark Knight, and is helping with the final film.

Nolan never imagined he would do three movies, and admits the reason why so much time passes between each film is because he wants to make every movie as good as he can. Not to mention he doesn't look to the Batman comics for reference. Even though he admits that the brand is a "classic," he says, "The source material is irrelevant. The challenge with Batman is to find what is a believable character. You put your stamp on it."

Nolan has done exactly that, grossing more than $200 million with Batman Begins and more than double that with The Dark Knight. With the final film scheduled to open on July 20, it's only a matter of time before fans will see if Nolan's best is good enough.


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