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'Total Recall': The New Trailer Vs. the Schwarzenegger Version

Jun 28, 2012 | 5:51am EDT


When it comes to movie remakes, it's natural to draw comparisons between the new incarnation and the original. But sometimes, the movies just make it way too easy. A new trailer for Len Wiseman's Total Recall has released, giving a look at what seems to be a fun and exciting illustration of a world created by the ingenious Philip K. Dick in his 1966 short story, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." Colin Farrell handles the role of Doug Quaid, an ordinary shmoe who just happens to be a trained spy/elite killing machine whose memory has been erased. It looks like a lot of fun. It also looks a lot like the first version of Total Recall.

Back in 1990, Paul Verhoeven adapted the story into the popular Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, introducing audiences to a new venue of odd science-fiction characters and themes. While Wiseman's take on Total Recall does have a more grounded, down-to-Earth feel to it, the new trailer suggests that his adaptation won't stray too far from its predecessor. Check out both trailers below, followed with a list of similarities we noticed (did you find more?):

The Chair

2012 Trailer — 0:30 mark...

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 0:29 mark...

Total Recall


2012 Trailer — 1:30 mark...

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 0:10 mark...

Total Recall

Admittedly, the the recall chair is a major plot element, and face-changing is a staple of Dick's literature, so these were kind of a must-haves. But keep reading...


2012 Trailer — 1:25 mark...

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 0:30 mark...

Total Recall

Crazy Driving

2012 Trailer — 1:35 mark...

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 1:24 mark...

Total Recall

Here's where they start to get funny...

Bad Guys Who "Want Him Alive"

2012 Trailer — 2:00 mark...

Bryan Cranston: “How did he get activated? … I want him alive!”

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 1:28 mark...

Ronny Cox: "I want Quaid delivered alive for re-implantation."

Total Recall

"Well, There Goes My Marriage!" Jokes

2012 Trailer — 1:40 mark...

Jessica Biel: “You’re married?"

Colin Farrell: “It’s safe to say we’re separated.”

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 1:35 mark...

Sharon Stone: “You wouldn’t hurt me. After all, we’re married.”


Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Consider that a divorce.”

Total Recall

And finally, a personal favorite:

Breaking Bad Cameos

2012 Trailer — 2:05 mark...

Bryan Cranston, a.k.a. Walter White

Total Recall

1990 Trailer — 0:53 mark...

Dean Norris, a.k.a Hank Schrader (he has aged quite well!)

Total Recall

Can you find any others?


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