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Matt Dillon Forced ‘Herbie’ Rewrite

Nov 11, 2005 | 10:46am EST

Matt Dillon forced movie bosses to rewrite the script for Herbie: Fully Loaded before he would agree to star in it.

The actor, usually associated with serious dramatic roles, hated the idea of appearing in the kids comedy—and was even more underwhelmed when he read the script.

But the 41-year-old came around in the end.

He tells Hotdog magazine, "I never thought I'd be in a sequel to the Herbie film The Love Bug.

"I got a call and they wanted me to play this kind of arrogant race car driver. I was like, 'I don't think so, but let me take a look at it,' and then said, 'I really don't think so,' after I read it.

"I had a talk with them and they said they were going to work on the script. I thought if the character is funny, then I'll do it.

"They sent it back and I was laughing out loud."

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