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‘Pirates’ Sequels Attacked by the Real Thing

Nov 25, 2005 | 6:58am EST

Filming on the two back-to-back sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean has been dogged by a spate of real-life ocean thievery, according to reports from the Bahamas.

Disney producers working on the swashbuckling Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp films reveal that two cast members have been forced to abandon the set for fear of their lives, after four brigand heists in a month.

The last robbery saw the brazen thieves make off with $20,000 in cash and equipment.

Jason Kakebeen, head of location production, says, "We've had a slew of robberies on the actors who are working for Pirates of the Caribbean over at the Port Lucaya resort.

"They (the robbers) were able to get into the room with a key and stole everything from laptops, passports, checks, and other equipment. The money they stole was actually the actors' paychecks."

Kakebeen admits that filming has come to a standstill while the crimes are investigated, but refuses to reveal the identity of the stars targeted, who have since left the shoot.

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