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Roger Ebert Recovering After Further Surgery

Aug 09, 2006 | 4:59am EDT

Film critic Roger Ebert is recovering from minor surgery in his ongoing cancer battle.

His wife Chaz posted a statement on his website on Monday, saying, "Last night Roger had minor surgery... Doctors remain optimistic about his recovery."

Ebert, host of TV review show Ebert & Roeper, underwent surgery in June for recurring salivary cancer, and in July doctors repaired a blood vessel that had burst the previous month.

Chaz adds, "He's making good progress and was ready to go to his next phase of treatment. But the doctors told us right from the start to expect this non-linear recovery.

"They said that there will bumps in the road along the way that seem like setbacks, and then he will reach a point where he will make a rapid recovery."

Ebert, 64, will begin physical therapy this week.

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