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'Twilight' Cast Give Edward and Bella Marriage Advice at the 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere — VIDEO

Nov 19, 2012 | 8:03am EST



Sad Twi-hards, rejoice: You may not have any more future films to look forward to, but has fresh footage of the stars who walked the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 carpet last week. Since we know how painful a Monday morning Twi-hangover can be, we're offering not one, but two new videos of your favorite Twilight stars, as well as some notable guests. (Steve Urkel, anyone?)

In video one, we ask all the stars the toughest question: How can Edward and Bella keep their relationship spicy and steamy for thousands of years? Is it game night? Werewolf/vampire role-play? Check out some of the more "interesting" answers below:

Love and compassion it is! Of course, we also had to show you some footage of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in action, and find out from the newbies whether or not there was any on-set hazing. Their answers might surprise you...

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[PHOTO CREDIT: Doane Gregory/Summit Entertainment]


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