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Happy New Year! What Movie Did You Ring in 2013 With? — POLL 

Jan 02, 2013 | 6:35am EST

Les Mis, New Years Day Box Office

Ah, January 2, the dreaded day after New Year's Day. We all trudge back to real life, convinced that the past few days off were just a dream in which the simple passing of time merited two guilt-free days off of work. Well, dream or not, it's back to reality, but there's nothing wrong with a little reminiscing about what it was like to spread our wings and fly during our last respite until President's Day weekend. So let's talk. How did you spend your brief, post-holidays vacation? Singing along to "On My Own" during Les Miserables? Get your fix of ass-kicking with Django Unchained? Did you sit in the hangover-friendly dark for Zero Dark Thirty? Or perhaps reminding yourself how much you missed the madness of Christmas with your parents and transported yourself back into that loving embrace with Parental Guidance?

What movies were you checking out at the movie theater on New Year's Day or New Year's Eve?

<a href="">What did you see over New Year's weekend?</a>

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