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'Green Hornet' Co-writer Seth Rogen Opens Up About His Upcoming Action Flick

Jun 05, 2008 | 6:17am EDT

The Green Hornet may not have the green light just yet, but that didn’t stop a loose-lipped Seth Rogen from opening up about the project he’s penned with co-writer Evan Goldberg

Rogen says the comedy team, responsible for mega-hit Superbad and the upcoming Pineapple Express, has already submitted a draft of the script and are currently working on the second submission.

“I don’t know 100 percent if the movie is going to be made, but I can say we’ve been getting good indicators lately and we’ve heard that they really like the first draft that we’ve turned in,” Rogen told, who would also star as the masked crime-fighter.

The Canadian native says the script, which “couldn’t have been an easier movie to write,” will bring the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato back to the big screen so the two can “explore the hero/sidekick relationship.”

“I would say in a way it is kind of your quintessential story about a hero and his sidekick and that is really what initially drew us to it,” he says. “We always thought that was kind of a funny dynamic and a funny relationship and no movies really did that except Batman and Robin. No movies did that well [laughs]…it is actually a dynamic that applies to many real life situations, a lot of working dynamics. A lot of bosses and their underlings--that is what initially drew us to it.”

It’s too soon to name names considering they don’t know the budget, but the actor/writer/producer says names like Stephen Chow and Jet Li have come into play for the part of Kato.

“At first, actually we weren’t even sure going in whether or not it could be more of a Jet Li-type of guy who maybe isn’t the funniest guy in the world, but is physically very impressive or whether it would be more of a Stephen Chow-type of guy who could do martial arts, but also clearly has a sense of humor about him,” he explains. “In the version that we’ve made, it seems like a Stephen Chow-type guy would be more suitable for the role, but…until they officially green light us it is hard to make any of those decisions.” 

Rogen says, the budget is up in the air but the intense action “seems like it would be more in the $70 to $100 million world.” Regardless, the duo have gotten an early start meeting with directors and trying to decide on someone with an action background or someone new to the scene.

“We’ve been meeting with people in both sides, in both worlds I would say. That ultimately is the real question, do you get a guy who does action really well and who’s done that before or do you get a guy who has never done action, but can bring something unique to that style of movie? We don’t know yet.”

If the project moves forward, Rogen hopes to start filming once he’s wrapped the unnamed Judd Apatow project he's scheduled to start in September.

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