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Hancock Update: $200M Domestic Guaranteed and a Possibly $600M Worldwide!

Jul 09, 2008 | 3:15pm EDT

There is no denying Will Smith’s worldwide appeal. Hancock (Sony), which grossed $103.9M in its opening five and a half days, had a very strong $8.5M on Monday, and my sources believe that there is no scenario where the movie fails to top $200M domestic.

Hancock is not just an American phenomenon. The Peter Berg-directed superhero film opened No. 1 in 47 of 50 foreign territories this weekend, including the UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Korea. What’s more, in 15 international markets, Hancock scored a stronger opening than Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks/Paramount). Given that the movie has not yet opened in half the world, with many of the largest territories still to come, it is very possible that the film will bank $400M overseas for a total $600M worldwide.

Despite generally negative reviews and a plot twist that has polarized audiences (no spoiler here), moviegoers still gave Hancock a solid B+ Cinemascore rating, and among Males Under 25, the movie received a better A- grade.

Without question, Will Smith will have his second consecutive worldwide gross of $500M+, following I Am Legend ($584.1M), and eight straight movies with $270M+ worldwide. Hancock has a real chance to be Smith’s all-time No. 2 worldwide hit.


1. Independence Day - $817.4M

2. Men in Black - $589.4M

3. I Am Legend - $584.1M

4. Men in Black II - $441.8M

5. Hitch - $368.21M

6. Shark Tale - $367.3M

7. I, Robot - $347.2M

8. The Pursuit of Happyness - $307.1M

9. Bad Boys II - $273.3M

10. Enemy of the State - $250.6M

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