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Trailer Alert: See Zac Efron Play '17 Again'

Oct 22, 2008 | 3:33pm EDT

While fans wait impatiently for the Friday opening of High School Musical 3, Warner Brothers offers up this nugget of Zac Efron goodness; the trailer for his new movie 17 Again. The comedy, about a guy named Mike (Matthew Perry) who's forced to relive his teens in the same vein as Freaky Friday and Big, doesn't open until April, but the trailer is sure to give viewers a first look at Efron's career post-HSM.

Efron, who stars as the younger Mike alongside Thomas LennonLeslie Mann and Michelle Trachtenberg, tells us, "[Perry]’s got a few mannerisms, a lot of small things that I tried to incorporate...I think people are different as they grow older. What I wanted to play a lot with this character is watching his youth come out again, when he comes back to being 17. I didn’t want to be the exact same person." 

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