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'Red 2': Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, and Helen Mirren on the Hunt for a Missing Nuke

Apr 29, 2013 | 7:58am EDT

Credit: Summit Entertainment

So much for a retirement plan; former assassin Frank Moses is back on the job. In the all new trailer for Red 2, Moses, played by Bruce Willis, is brought back to the spy game to track down a portable nuke. This means he has to break the scientist — played by Anthony Hopkins — who assembled the nuke during the Cold War out of a mental asylum. It's only with this scientist's help that Moses will be able to find the missing bomb.

Of course, this means that Moses has to encounter some of his old friends. Victoria (Helen Mirren) returns to warn Moses that he MI6 has a hit out on him during this mission. And joining the crew, Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross, learns that she can't handle a gun.

This comedic action flick drops in theaters on July 19.

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