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Morning Show Host Makes Drug Joke After Falling for 'Anchorman' Teleprompter Prank

May 16, 2013 | 2:28pm EDT

 Credit: Nine Network

The power the teleprompter had over Ron Burgundy in Anchorman is no longer just a thing of fiction. Roz Kelly, host of Australian morning show Today, accidentally made a stoner joke on air thanks to the wily ways of co-host Karl Stefanovic. Stefanovic (nortorious for inserting surreptitious weed innuendos into broadcasts) slipped the line "How good are the cookies there?" into a simple recap of a soccer match that took place in Amsterdam — and an unsuspecting Kelly ate it all up. 

Get it? Because the cookies in Amsterdam are filled with marijuana! Ha, pot jokes. They were funny when you were 12 and they're still funny now — as proven by the outburst of laughter that followed Kelly's blunder. 

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