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The Monsters Vs. Robot Battles in New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Are Even More Awesome Than You'd Imagine

May 16, 2013 | 3:21pm EDT

Credit: Warner Bros

You're not going to approach a movie built entirely on the premise of robots fighting monsters with low expectations (unless you're one o' them snooty art house aficionados who only like movies about nihilism and metaphoric ash trays). But even if you're approaching the new Pacific Rim trailer expecting a glimpse into the be-all and end-all of apocalyptic battles, we think you'll be delightfully impressed.

Not only does Guillermo del Toro's own personal Armageddon — a face-off between the Kaiju attacking the Planet Earth and the metallic defense weapons created to defend humankind — show us some seriously colossal destruction, it uses the director's distinct aesthetic style to make the whole thing look like a freakin' miracle. The quick, adrenal preview of the summer 2013 blockbuster promises satisfaction for the little kids inside of us and the visually hungry cinephiles we've grown up to be. Check out the latest Pacific Rim trailer below, featuring stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Charlie Day (with a quick crack for all you It's Always Sunny fans), and keep your hopes high for the movie's release on July 12.

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