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'Man of Steel' Posters Depict 3 All Powerful Warriors: Superman, Zod, and Russell Crowe

May 21, 2013 | 10:42am EDT

Credit: Warner Bros.

From the planet of Krypton, to the countryside of Smallville, to the big city of Metropolis, this universe has its share of mighty men. Powerful beings of good and evil who represent the peak of human (or superhuman) capability. And the latest Man of Steel posters depict the trifecta of this power. Standing tall in the poster above, we have Superman: born Kal-El, raised Clark Kent, and ultimately embodying the role of Superman, he is a hero unparalleled — capable of flight, super strength, and an unmatched sense of justice. Then we have Emperor Zod, within whom a darkness booms so loudly as to threaten mankind altogether. And finally, the most formidable force of them all: Russell Crowe. No, not his character Jor-El, but actually Russell Crowe. A being whose facial hair, perpetual grimace, and "alternative" singing skills afford him a warrior's reputation that spans the galaxies.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

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