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Chloe Moretz Gets Vicious, Jim Carrey Goes Apesh**t in New 'Kick-Ass 2' Trailer

Jun 18, 2013 | 3:28pm EDT

It's time to kick some serious ass, again! The everyday superhero duo of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are back fighting crime in the latest trailer for this summer's release of Kick-Ass 2the sequel to Kick-Ass (obviously)The comedic action-jammed film follows high-schooler Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who takes on the alias Kick-Ass and teams up with a bunch of normal citizens to fight crime... while dressed in rather eccentric and elaborate costumes.

The trailer, which proves to have a lot more sass and a hell of a lot more bite than its predecessor, starts off with a spunky training sesh between feisty gal Mindy (Chloe Moretz) and Dave. After Mindy kicks Dave to the ground, she hollers at him "to take your tampon out, Dave!" It doesn't seem like Mindy's sense of humor has matured much since the 2010 film!

It's not too long before the crime fighters throw on their skin-tight get-ups and take on their superhero identities. The superheroes even round up more and more average joes to throw on costumes and help them fight injustice. Hit-Girl swears to relentlessly fight evil since she promised her father, Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) she would before he burned to his death. Although there's no Nicolas Cage this time around in Kick-ass 2, we at least have Jim Carrey to engross us as the peculiar Colonel Stars and Stripes.

The trailer features lots of ball kicking, sword spinning, and motorcycle zooming, but the highlight is when the malicious yet hilarious Mother F**ker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) — who was previously the superhero Red Mist — announces his plan to seek revenge on Kick-Ass and build his own evil infantry.

When Kick-Ass  originally came out, Moretz was too young to see her own film! But thankfully the acclaimed Hugo star is old enough to catch the sequel when Kick-Ass 2 hits theatres August 16th.

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