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Arnold Schwarzenegger Saw 'World War Z' and Thought, 'Hey, Let's Do That!' So He's Making a Zombie Movie.

Jun 21, 2013 | 6:08pm EDT

Credit: Agostino Fabio/WENN

After years of wasting his days in the dead-end industry of the American government, Arnold Schwarzenegger is making up for lost time by headlining every feature film project he can get his hands on. He's jumpstarting his own old favorites like Terminator, Conan, and Twins, getting into the remake game with The Toxic Avenger, and has the Sylvester Stallone thriller Escape Plan coming to theaters later this year. But what's his long résumé missing? Zombies. That's right — it's got robots, mutants, aliens, and pregnant dudes. But now, courtesy of his new project Maggie, Schwarzenegger is finally getting into the zombie action. Nobody tell him he's a little late to the game.

Variety reports that Schwarzenegger will star in and produce the film, which centers on a doting father who is helping his young daughter endure her gradual transformation from human into zombie following a fateful bite. Quite a different take on the genre from this weekend's beyond-epic release World War Z.

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