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Anti-Heroes Survive in a Post-'Breaking Bad' World: Disney Is Planning a Cruella de Vil Movie

Sep 30, 2013 | 5:59pm EDT

Cruella de Vil

The most fascinating thing about Cruella de Vil — and I'm talking the six-foot-tall, bloodless fashionista first delivered in the 1961 animated incarnation of One Hundred and One Dalmations — is that she was, uniquely, ordinary. She wasn't a tyrannical queen, a seafaring pirate, a sadistic tiger, or any sort of mystic or mythical character. She was just a sinister, foul socialite who torpedoed through the London streets, dragging a mammoth fur coat and a noxious cloud of smoke behind her at all times. She stands alone as one of Disney's most normal villains. And perhaps, to date, its best. Certainly worthy of further exploration, as the studio seems to understand: The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Disney is setting forth on a live action film centering on Cruella de Vil.

Aline Brosh McKenna — the writer behind another Disney update, Cinderella, as well as the developing Annie remake and a healthy array of sun-kissed rom-coms (Three to Tango27 DressesMorning Glory, We Bought a Zoo) — will be handling the Cruella feature, breathing a new life into the vindictive mannequin since her last embodiment through one Glenn Close.

In the face of the supernatural baddies that occupy most Disney films, we are pleased to see the dark charms of Cruella De Vil getting their due in a new project. So long as they bring back that song, we're on board.

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