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Let Ron Burgundy Convince You to Purchase A Dodge Something-or-Other

Oct 07, 2013 | 4:44pm EDT

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) has a staring contest with a horse.

Preparing for the ucoming sequel to the 2003 film, Anchorman 2Will Ferrell, dressed as his classic character Ron Burgundy, did a series of Dodge commercials where he riffs on subjects like the glove compartment and how much gum it can fit. Does it really make sense for a 1970s news anchor to be so passionate about a 2014 truck? Nah, not really. Is it funny? Sure. Above all, it's great to see Ron Burgundy back and some of Ferrell's semi-improvised weirdness. In particular, there are two spots involving out of place ballroom dancers (dumb ad shorthand for "elegance" for years now) that feel like fantastically weird on set creations, like the physical business where he can't find his way through the curtain. Ferrell specializes in elevating iffy material like that, and this now, the wait until Anchorman 2 comes out this Christmas is starting to feel very long. The last time Ferrell was in theaters was only earlier this year, but it was in the terrible The Internship. That can't stand.

It's also good to remember — Ferrell is comfortable in the mainstream. His best films were all crowd pleasing hits (AnchormanTalledega NightsElf...) and his work on SNL was a big hit almost immediately. If there's any comedian who can nail it in a 30 second spot shilling for a gas guzzling "last real SUV," it's probably him. So hope that these are the six ads are picked up by Hulu, so when you're catching up on Parks and Recreation, you aren't excruciatingly bored for during each commercial break.

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