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Fresh 'New Moon' Photos Released!

May 27, 2009 | 11:06am EDT

Summit Entertainment released three New Moon stills today, and the photos confirm what last week’s poster strongly suggested: This movie is going to be hot! 

The first photo shows a pained-looking Kristen Stewart being tormented by rogue vampire Laurent (fans who have read the book will recall this is just before she is saved by the wolves). The second is a shot of Stewart as Bella amid a pile of roses and broken glass, taking cues from director Chris Weitz (who isn’t so hard on the eyes). The photo appears to depict the book’s opening birthday party scene. The third photo is the money shot of Bella and Edward (the eternally sexy Robert Pattinson) in a close embrace and nearing a potentially fatal lip lock. Sigh.

Summit will likely release additional teasers leading up the film’s Nov. 20 release. Keep checking for forthcoming photos and details of our New Moon set visit!

See all of the New Moon photos here!

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