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'The Social Network' Trailer Has Arrived

Jul 15, 2010 | 9:30am EDT

Ok, so. Ears to the ground, everyone and take a listen. The trailer for The Social Network is loose as a goose, and you should watch it. I've provided it for you below, because I'm considerate and dependable and like sharing awesome things with awesome people. And no, it's not another one of those ripoff teasers, because I wouldn't dare waste your time with one of those.

So there's the trailer, right below. I recommend reading this first, but I understand if you want to just click through to watch the trailer (you probably insisted on opening all your Christmas presents on Christmas eve, too). But if you're kind and are reading this before you click the arrow to start the trailer, let me briefly say the music (Vega Choir's rendition of Radiohead's 'Creep') is superb, and virtually carries the entire thing. The song makes the movie look like it's about war, or something. It looks like a big, fat, collision of life, death, birth, death, youth, death, education, death, and parties and death. It's riveting, for a reason we'll never understand. Life, everyone! Life is beautiful! And so are social updates!

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