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Tom Hardy Declares 'War' On Chris Pine

Jul 27, 2010 | 7:55am EDT

ALTAll’s fair in love and War. Tom Hardy (not the depressing English author) is to take over for Sam Worthington and star in This Means War, the romantic comedy with explosions from awkwardly named director McG. The project seems like a return to McG’s Charlie’s Angels roots: War focuses on two best friend super spies who are pitted against each other when they both fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). It’s like Spy vs. Spy meets Scott Pilgrim vs.The World. Hardy, who is best known for his role as wisecracking English guy Eames in Inception, would star as one of the love-struck spies, while Captain Kirk himself Chris Pine is set to co-star as his rival.

Hardy is one in a long line of actors to be considered for a lead role in the This Means War, which has been in and out of production since 2001. Sam Worthington was the most recent actor set to star in the film, but actors from Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock to Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen have been attached at one point or another. With the project’s storied past, it seems unlikely that the Pine/Hardy version will ever get made, though the studio may be inclined to jump start production to capitalize on Hardy’s newfound fame. We hope the studio can manage to make it work this time around, since This Means War seems like it could be a lot of fun.

Source: Vulture

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