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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Tyler Perry Land Project Together

Oct 08, 2010 | 4:54am EDT

ALT TEXTWho would win in a fight? Tyler Perry or Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as "The Rock")?

My first instinct is to say Johnson, because, you know, he's a former professional wrestler. But have you seen those Tyler Perry movies? When that man dresses up as Madea and gets mad, he turns into one scary mofo. Imagine those two stepping into the ring -- the "People's Elbow" versus the scariest grandmother ever to walk. Sorry Rock, I got my money on grandma.

Anyway, the reason for this odd little tangent is because those two have decided to do a movie together. Deadline reports that Lionsgate has made a preemptive bid on the project, which is entitled Take My Wife, written by Greg Coolidge (Employee of the Month) and Kirk Ward.

But this film isn't quite what you'd expect. Rather than his typical cross dressing, Perry will play the male lead, and more specifically, the role of a recently divorced man who realizes that the only way to get out of paying alimony is to find his ex-wife a new husband. That's where Johnson comes in, playing a rough around the edges dude who Perry needs to transform to make good enough for his ex. And of course, through all of this hectic commotion Perry's character falls back in love with his ex-wife. Whoops!

This is different approach for Perry and his career. Usually, the writer/director/actor is playing numerous roles (both male and female) in films that he writes and directs. Take My Wife marks one of the first times -- outside of a small part in Star Trek -- that Perry will be part of a project he's not leading up. Maybe he's trying to take a different approach to his career? Regardless, it should be fun to see what Johnson brings to the film as well. He's usually only in roles that rely more on carrying a shotgun and being a hardass versus character development.

Source: Deadline

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