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Trailer For Liam Neeson's 'Unknown' Released

Nov 10, 2010 | 5:23am EST

If I recall correctly, back in 1999 after he helped kill the Star Wars saga with Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Liam Neeson swore he was done with movies. Now, the trailer for his 24th full length film since his faux-retirement has hit the internet and it looks like Neeson’s not done starring in action-suspense movies anytime soon.

Unknown (which was previously titled Unknown White Man; good move with the title change, guys) stars Neeson as a doctor who gets in a car accident in Berlin taxi and wakes to find that his identity has been stolen by another man (Aidan Quinn, who has lost quite a bit of striking beauty since its height in the early 90s) and that his beautiful wife (January Jones, essentially playing what seems like Betty Draper 2010 edition) claims she doesn't recognize him. Of course, the Berlin authorities think he’s crazy and there are a slew of assassins trying to kill him, so he’s forced to go rogue and solve the mystery with the help of a hot girl (Diane Kruger). Copius flashbacks, high speed chases, explosions, and a shot of January Jones in the shower ensue.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of Liam Neeson-fueled action.

Source: ComingSoon

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