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Step Up 4Ever: Face Palm Of The Day

Oct 27, 2010 | 10:50am EDT

Face PalmI guess it had to happen. If people first stepped up, then stood up in the streets, and finally stood up in 3D, it’s only rational to think they will be stepping up forever...which is why Summit Entertainment is teasing us with the return of the greatest hip-hop break dancing film franchise that originally starred Channing Tatum. EVER. And I do mean, EVER. Yes, that's right. Step Up 4Ever.

But what happens when they reach the top step? It’s physically impossible to keep stepping up forever. If you were to eventually step up into space, where would you go after that? Once you leave the Earth’s gravitational pull there’s no notion of up or down so any way you step could technically be considered “up.” I guess you would have to base it on the relative position of the person stepping. But even the loss of gravity causes challenges for the dancers as gravity is a pivotal (if often understated) aspect of dancing. How would no gravity affect one’s ability to pop and lock it? Can someone drop it like it's hot when fire can’t exist in the vacuum of space? These are some serious questions the makers behind Step Up will eventually have to answer if they truly mean to keep stepping up forever.

And what about aliens? Has the canon of Step Up ever mentioned the possibility of aliens? What if the aliens have evolved to where their own means of diplomatic negotiations is break dancing and it's up to the crew to dance their way into the talks and save the Earth before the aliens break it down? Do the aliens have time manipulating technology? If this is truly forever, does that include the past as well? How would the crew hussle and flow against the founding fathers? Are they going to rewrite history so Neil Armstrong moonwalks while walking on the moon? Will they teach Benjamin Franklin to do that thing where you spin on your head? Are crew people the originators of the Egyptian dance? There are so many questions that Step Up 4Ever has to answer!


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