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Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’ Gets A Writer

Nov 11, 2010 | 6:49am EST

Tim HerlihyWanna know what the better Adam Sandler comedies all have in common? They were all co-written by Tim Herlihy. He’s been a writing partner with Sandler since their early days on SNL and has collaborated with Sandler on his films from the early classics Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, to the middle classics (considering what they’re up against) Mr. Deeds and The Waterboy. As we enter into the late period Sandler, it seems he is returning to his roots by hiring Herlihy to write the feature length adaptation of Pixels.

For those who didn’t have a computer or a working internet connection earlier this year, Pixels is a short CGI heavy film that follows an invasion of New York City by classic arcade characters that turn the city into little pixels of blocks. It’s a cute video but surprisingly dark. Sandler’s Happy Madison production company picked up the rights to the short, thinking they can turn into in a Ghostbusters type big action comedy.

I’m still confident in Sandler. Grown Ups aside, I think he has a lot of funny left in him and hiring his old pal Herlihy is a wise choice. Let’s put the maturity and being and adult aside and remember back when we were all 13 and stupid (well, more stupid). Adam Sandler was (is) a funny man and even know with my bow tie (bow ties are cool) and monocle on, I revert back to a giggling teenager whenever I see Adam Sandler sing “Back to school.” I have high hopes for this one yet.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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