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UPDATE: Katherine Heigl’s Daughter Is... Angela Lansbury?

Nov 12, 2010 | 9:41am EST

The Horror!UPDATE: Hey, good news! It's no longer Katherine Heigl! There are some bad feelings in the undercurrent according to Deadline, but the publicists all say it was a mutual decision. While the replacement has not been announced (or even found, for that matter), I think  Lansbury is happy to get another mother.

So Katherine Heigl has a new movie, Adaline, starting soon (shocking, I know) where she plays someone who dies (hooray!) but gets resurrected (boo!) by a lightning bolt (so she’s Frankenstein’s monster? I’ll take it!). Then she falls in love (of course) which means out goes the immortality (she gets to die again! Yay!). But since she lived for so long in her late 20s (really Katherine, still sticking with being under 30?), she gets to take care of her elderly daughter who is now in her late 80s. And that role will be played by Angela Lansbury.

Like, how pissed would you be if you grow up your whole life without knowing your mother and then as you lay on your deathbed, cancer overriding everything, in walks your mother, healthy as the day you were born. And she’s Katherine Heigl. Wouldn’t that really just piss you off?

And as much as the immortality and revisiting your life tropes have been played out, this one seems to have some sort of emotional depth to it (perhaps). I could be completely wrong and this wind up being another Heigl suck-fest again, but because I am delusional and optimistic, I’ll go ahead and say that I would rather see this than getting hit on the head with a screwdriver. But just barely.

Source: Deadline

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