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‘I Am Number Four’ Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek

Nov 19, 2010 | 5:32am EST

I Am Number Four is a new movie from Michael Bay’s production company based on a forthcoming series of young adults books. It follows a small group of aliens who escape their world and arrive on Earth, but their enemies follow them to our planet and begin taking them out in sequential order (because killing the first one you come across is just way too easy for them). The first three have already been killed, so Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) starts to worry. The myth surrounding these guys is that they have guardians (Four’s is Timothy Olyphant, the most handsome man around) looking over them and once they become adults they get superpowers. Then there’s the required love interest, which is played by (the only reason to watch Glee) the lovely Dianna Agron. So basically, it's Twilight with aliens instead of vampires produced by the guy who blew shit up in Transformers and directed by the guy who blew shit up in Eagle Eye

Even after watching this behind the scenes feature and the trailer, I’m still not entirely sold. But there’s a slim chance that this could turn out better than expected. See it for yourself and tell us what  you think!

Source: Walt Disney Studios

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