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Movie Musings: 'Green Lantern' Trailer & Aronofsky's Wolverine

Nov 19, 2010 | 5:09am EST

1. Once again, The Internet's favorite running live trailer blog, this time featuring Green Lantern and his power ring! Hit play and enjoy.

:01 - :05: Were you worried Lantern wasn't going to date the ladies? Well you can hang that concern right up!

:06 - :16: Ryan Reynolds (known as RyRey from here on out) likes to love 'em and leave 'em, though the intended audience would probably rather he stayed and played.

:17 - :28: You have to admire a trailer that implies sexual harassment rules don't really even exist.

:29 - :43: Whoa. This just got weird. Why is Hal going the parachute route on a routine training mission? I'm pretty sure they get angry if you ruin their pretty jet, no?

:44 - :48: I want to call shenanigans a little bit here as the sentences Hal just strung together don't make any sense. When he's flying anything is possible? Then he crashes? Then something else is out there? Is he on peyote?

:49 - 1:05: And now we get down to business. Ring time!

1:06 - 1:20: It's got to feel good when the ring chooses you. I've found that pretty much only pizza chooses me.

1:21 - 1:33: What's the opt-out option like for a Green Lantern? Do you just get rid of the ring? Hit "Unsubscribe" when they send around the wacky forward emails?

1:34 - 1:41: I like the idea of a giant fist, and if RyRey is creating things he sees in his mind's eye that means hoverboards and affordable jetpacks aren't too far off. Score!

1:42 - 1:50: But why is Hal full of fear? You've got a power ring, fella! Not two minutes ago you were sleeping around and crashing jets, don't get all introspective on us now!

1:51 - 2:13: I also worry when they end a trailer with a joke. It basically says "Hey, don't grade us too harshly, we're just joshing around. I don't remember The Dark Knight bailing out with laugh, do you?

Darren Aronofsky2. Forcasting Darren Aronofsky's Wolverine.

The more I learn about Darren Aronofsky's Wolverine, the more pleased I get. But the explanation might not make the average Marvel fan happy, because the reason for optimism on this project is that Aronofsky seems to be running hard in the opposite direction of every foundational brick laid down by the previous Wolverine movie characterizations. Or perhaps people will be happy about this development, as 2009's Wolverine was very clearly governed and produced by proxy to within an inch of its fragile life. There wasn't anything to be terribly upset about, but there wasn't any real art either. Wolverine was clearly a film created entirely as a commercial enterprise, playing it safe, relying upon the affable Hugh Jackman growling for effect to win the audience over. But it faded from memory almost immediately, and it didn't add to the lore of Wolverine in substantial manner.

Enter Aronofsky. This is a gent who makes films that resonate. They may not tear up the box office, but everyone who has seen Mickey Rourke go off the top rop in The Wrestler remembers it. His latest effort, Black Swan, is evidently the film Natalie Portman wins an Academy Award for. Aronofsky's imagery is vivid and sticks with you, so he's got a real chance to set up an iconic Wolvie up for the next decade. I think he knows it too, which is why he keeps mentioning this project is a "one-off" and not beholden to any of the source material that's already made it to the big screen. I haven't read much Wolverine, but there must be story similar to Batman: Year One that would stand alone as a compelling film. The average director would be highly tempted to deliver a commercial product that satisfied the studio. Aronofsky isn't that guy, he’s not a company man, and you need look no further than him losing Robocop for proof. Darren is going to deliver a solid narrative that just happens to have Wolvie in it. It won't be vanilla, but it won't be average either. I’ll take it.

On that note, I hope you have a weekend full of vanilla treats!

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