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‘The Beaver’ Trailer Debuts!

Dec 06, 2010 | 8:22am EST

The script for The Beaver topped the annual Black List of best unproduced scripts. But then Mel Gibson’s phone rage-rants happened and the release date was pushed back. Then Jodie Foster (director and costar of the film) said Gibson gives “one of his most powerful and moving performances.” And now we got the trailer! But the reactions have been mixed. FilmDrunk calls it a “some bizarre version of The Blind Side.” Pajiba, on the other hand, calls out other facets of the film, stating “who’d have guessed Jodie Foster would be the biggest clunker?”

Personally, I think the film will be better than they are thinking. I sense a movie more like Stranger Than Fiction than The Blind Side. I know Mel Gibson has been sick but he is a good actor and director and considering the film’s themes are about recovering from a disease I think he can pull it off. Ignoring Jodie Foster (which I don’t see Pajiba’s complaints, but whatever), there are some incredible looking moments. Anton Yelchin looks great as the troubled son and it looks like he is showing some serious acting we haven’t seen yet. And that little moment when Mel’s character hops on the hood of the car (1:06 in the trailer)? That little moment seals the deal for me. It’s such a light and touching moment that stands out to me and puts it over films like The Blind Side. It slyly showcases a sense of humor in the movie that the rest of the trailer doesn’t have which will, I think, in the end benefit the film as a whole.

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