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UPDATE: MPAA Dumps NC-17 Rating For 'Blue Valentine'

Dec 10, 2010 | 3:54am EST

Blue ValentineThe buzz about Michelle Williams’ and Ryan Gosling’s latest film, sadly isn’t about the acting or writing or any quality aspect of the film, but rather a slew of frustrated movie fans bemoaning the MPAA’s decision to slap Blue Valentine with the dreaded death sentence of a rating: NC-17. Our own Brian Salisbury gave us his call for reason, but what really did the trick was Harvey Weinstein finally throwing his weight around. (Keep your jokes to yourselves; Weinstein isn’t someone you want to mess with.)

His personal appeal in today’s hearing finally convinced (or terrified) the MPAA to overturn their harsh sentence and instead give the film a more appropriate rating: R. The film faced a grim fate with such a rating despite the buzz it managed to generate, but according to deadline, the board’s decision was unanimous and another film is saved from the disaster of the NC-17 rating.

Source: Deadline

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