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Coming Soon From DreamWorks: ‘Me And My Shadow’

Dec 10, 2010 | 9:56am EST

DreamworksOk, DreamWorks, this is how you do it. Though I understand why the company announced plans to make a bajillion sequels over the next decade and a half, it also has to create something original in order to make that overtly corporate decision seem like something other than a purely profit-motivated play. Luckily, the House of Shrek has developed an original idea that not only pushes artistic boundaries but also doesn’t prominently feature a talking animal! What’s the catch? We have to wait until 2013 for it.

Me and My Shadow will follows Shadow Stan, a shadow who yearns for adventure but is stuck with the world’s most boring man. Shadows only have one rule, “They lead, we follow.” But Stan breaks it for a wild adventure.

While the story sounds promising, the animation possibilities sound just as enticing. The film will combine traditional animation with computer generated animation and will be presented in 3D. I know it's not the most radical idea that’s happened in the world of contemporary animation, but it's still great to see a big studio experiment with different techniques in one film. Though I still put most of my faith in Pixar, this could become the first serious contender to take down the champ.

Source: ComingSoon

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